Enough of the Right Things

I couldn't be more thrilled to host Karin Ulik, to talk about self-care and how prioritization plays into making us the best versions of ourselves.       Over the years there were times I felt like I was doing a great job as a mother; my kids were growing and happy, they weren’t fighting with… Continue reading Enough of the Right Things


Free Time?

There is something about TED Talks that I find to be truly amazing. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I really do love them. I’ve yet to find a TED Talk that I didn’t enjoy. With this love, part of what I’ll be doing this year is to listen to a talk (or… Continue reading Free Time?


What Are SMART Goals?

Before we launch into talking about the types of goals we can set, I think it’s important to start with a solid definition of the type of goal we’ll be talking about this month. My grounding for goal setting is to set a SMART Goal. S – specific M – measurable A – achievable R… Continue reading What Are SMART Goals?


Setting Goals and Making Changes

*This post appeared first on my Steemit site* It is that time of the year when I, like many others, consider what our goals for the New Year are going to be. This year has definitely been a year of very purposeful thinking about setting goals. I attended BossedUp Bootcamp and started thinking about my own entrepreneurial… Continue reading Setting Goals and Making Changes