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Yes, I Do My Nails

As I have completed my first semester of graduate work, I am finding that one thing I really miss about my undergraduate work was the opportunity for long periods of really solid introspection. When you’re studying a field as personal as gender it’s critically important, in my opinion, to examine your own beliefs really hard.… Continue reading Yes, I Do My Nails

Random musings

Beings of Love

You may have noticed that I have had two weeks in a row of quotes. I feel it's important to maintain a presence here, but I am buried in the end of the semester. My final paper and research proposal will be about the place government programs have in a changing workforce. I think they… Continue reading Beings of Love

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I am not yet dead . . .

As always happens when it's been a while since I've blogged I feel the need to share this song. That's right folks . . . "I feel happy, I feel happy!" In the last month since I shared how difficult it was for me to stay home I have since acquired three (or in some… Continue reading I am not yet dead . . .

Random musings

Resisting the Urge

Over the last several weeks I have been resisting the urge to start shrieking, "I'm melting, I'm melting," every time I step outside of my nicely air-conditioned apartment. Upper 90's and low 100's do not sit will with this lady, that's for sure! However, now that it's cooling off and I'm getting back into a… Continue reading Resisting the Urge

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Haven’t you always wanted an emu?

The past six weeks I have been taking a course called "Writing the Graphic Novel."  It's been a blast!  To commemorate my last day of class I have decided to post my first attempt at a comic strip. My instructor asked us to come up with an image and design a three panel story around… Continue reading Haven’t you always wanted an emu?

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I have an announcement to make!

To all my dear readers,This past semester has been a rough one. Everything from family health problems to mental breakdowns have occurred.  Nathan can certainly attest to my unstable mental state over the course of this semester.I have explored the globe through a GLBT perspective, queer theory, and ecofeminism.  I have increased my knowledge about how… Continue reading I have an announcement to make!

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Monday is always a really long day for me. I work all day and I have class in the evening. As a result I leave the house at around 7:15 am and get home between 9:30 and 10:00 pm. Luckily I have about 3 and a half hours on campus before class starts. Because I'm… Continue reading Perspective