The Bend of the Universe

What we do owe to everyone, not just to children, is the courtesy and grace to help people get to where they need to go in their own time. Just as giving birth can be exhausting and painful, making space as we’re able to help the bend of the universe toward justice can be hard but it is critical so that all of us can get where we need to go.

It Really Is About Time

When it gets right down to it, relationships are hard. Making time for them and making time for yourself can feel impossible, but it’s also well worth the effort.

Not All Time Is Created Equal

We live in a culture where, when we use the word “relationship” we really just think about romantic relationships. That…

Death by Homesickness

I can’t stress it enough. Our relationships matter so much. Our relationships with ourselves (that’s another blog post for next week) and our relationships with those around us. Reach out when you can, try to be present with those you’re with.