The “other”

We’ve talked about setting professional goals, relationship goals, and wellness goals. What other goals could you possibly want to set? At this point, you might even be thinking to yourself “Rachel, exactly how much time do you think I have in a day!?” And you’re right, time is a finite resource and I think it’s… Continue reading The “other”

Random musings

Resisting the Urge

Over the last several weeks I have been resisting the urge to start shrieking, "I'm melting, I'm melting," every time I step outside of my nicely air-conditioned apartment. Upper 90's and low 100's do not sit will with this lady, that's for sure! However, now that it's cooling off and I'm getting back into a… Continue reading Resisting the Urge

Random musings

Saturday afternoon

I've had a lot of thoughts jumbling around in my brain today without any rhyme or reason to them. Ideas for stories, employment, home decoration, pregnancy, advocacy, and more.  Seriously, it's been slightly ridiculous.  Because of the random-ness I had already decided that I wasn't going to write a post today (even though I seem… Continue reading Saturday afternoon

Random musings

A smattering of thoughts

I always spend my time in between blog entries deciding what to write about next.  Comments have a lot to do with it, daily life, current events, and just randomness spewing out into the atmosphere influence what I have to say. But today, there's just so much randomness that I'm just going to throw it… Continue reading A smattering of thoughts