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Our Better Angels

I recently started a new job, and while there are some growing pains I’m finding it to be a generally fabulous experience. My new role has allowed me to look at some recent events in a lens that I haven’t exercised for a while. I have been seeing so much in the news about the… Continue reading Our Better Angels


Comic Monday: Faith Not Fear

It's good to be back on the bandwagon with Comic Monday! This weeks comic is slightly more serious in that it briefly discusses the impending "fiscal cliff." But hopefully this will help you to cheer up about it a little bit. The other thing I wanted to address with this comic is the way I… Continue reading Comic Monday: Faith Not Fear

Random musings

Shorter Days

Autumn is officially upon us! The leaves are turning brilliant colors, the nursery that is my view has fields full of mums, the presidential election is in full swing, and the days are getting shorter. I'm not sure which of these last two I have more difficulty with. Election season is negative, messy, and sometimes… Continue reading Shorter Days

Random musings

Canning and Feminism

Man, it has been a while since I've written anything "for fun." I recently turned in my last ever undergraduate paper for my Gender Studies degree and I am acclimating to being done with school. It's a weird sensation and I could probably talk about it for quite some time. However, today I have something specific that… Continue reading Canning and Feminism

Random musings

Woman Identified Woman

Several months ago I read The Woman Identified Woman by the Radicalesbians.  You can find the complete text here.  It was written in 1970 by this group Radicalesbians.  We don't know who specifically wrote it.  A huge part of this is because it was a group effort.  Another part was because many members of the group… Continue reading Woman Identified Woman