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Every week, Charli over at the Carrot Ranch creates a prompt for 99-word flash fiction. This is my contribution for the week of June 6. I hope you'll hop over on Tuesday, June 7 for this week's compilation about contentment. She was sitting on the deck listening to her children play while holding a steaming cup of… Continue reading Contentment


The Betrayal of Motherhood

Motherhood is a hard thing. And that's okay - we can do hard things. Hard things are absolutely part of the package deal that is this life. We get through them (and sometimes even enjoy them) with the support of our friends and family. I think that parenting, and motherhood specifically, are so challenging because… Continue reading The Betrayal of Motherhood


Breastfeeding – The good, the bad, the ugly

Breastfeeding can be great or it can be terrible. Formula feeding can be great or it can be terrible. However you choose to feed your child is not terrible. It is incredible that your child is being fed! So yes, I breastfed my daughter. It was great and terrible, sometimes at the same time. This… Continue reading Breastfeeding – The good, the bad, the ugly


Prayer for my Daughter

I have to admit, right after I wrote the title to this blog post I realized that it may come off as copying Tina Fey. While I love Tina Fey and think she is fabulous (honestly, I watched the Golden Globes for the first time ever this year because of her and Amy Poehler) this… Continue reading Prayer for my Daughter


Do Women Really Want Equality?

Several days ago I read an article on Time.com entitled "Do Women Really Want Equality?" by Kay Hymowitz.  In this article Ms. Hymowitz delves into the question of whether or not women want professional equality. She calls it "equality by the numbers." After thinking about it for some time I can definitely see where Hymowitz… Continue reading Do Women Really Want Equality?

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Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!

Before I begin into the meat of my thoughts today I hope you'll allow me a brief explanation about why I am posting about Mother's Day so late.I recently received my weekly edition of Time magazine with this controversial cover. As I read the article and observed the response from my friends and fans on… Continue reading Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!