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Recipe for Love

For those of you who are married, I bet you’ve heard the advice “Don’t go to sleep angry” a million times. I am going on the record as saying that I think this particular piece of advice is really stupid. Based on my own experience, Nateanite and I are more likely to fight when we… Continue reading Recipe for Love

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Vacation Time

Shortly after this post comes up, Nateanite and I will be flying with our girls to Salt Lake City to visit my extended family. I have been looking forward to this trip for months! We haven't been to Utah in about seven years and I haven't seen my grandparents for two years. It is time for… Continue reading Vacation Time

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Beings of Love

You may have noticed that I have had two weeks in a row of quotes. I feel it's important to maintain a presence here, but I am buried in the end of the semester. My final paper and research proposal will be about the place government programs have in a changing workforce. I think they… Continue reading Beings of Love


Mother’s Day Love

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose Will I ever see thee wed? I will marry at thy will, sire At thy will. American, America How can we show you how we feel? You have given us your riches We love you so. Love, love, love, love In the Gospel there is love Love thy neighbor as thy… Continue reading Mother’s Day Love

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Busy days to be had

In the last few weeks I haven't been all that faithful in blogging. Part of the reason is that I've had so much to say that I've had almost nothing to say. The other part is due to the fact that I've recently started a new job with a local school district and I'm trying… Continue reading Busy days to be had

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The crack of Dawn

This post is going to wax slightly melodramatic. Just wanted to give you a heads up just in case you are not in the mood for melodrama :). It is 7:00 am and my brain is simultaneously telling me to go back to sleep and worry about my job. You see, on Friday I was… Continue reading The crack of Dawn