Feminism at Work

We can’t talk about feminism at home, and how it can help our relationships, without talking about feminism helping us at work too. It goes without saying that equality and equity help our relationships in any sphere (but I’m here saying it anyway), but gender equity also helps business do what they do best –… Continue reading Feminism at Work


Stereotypes in Leadership

I find it to be somewhat ironic that my intention for today was to write about stereotypes. I certainly could not have predicted that I would be a living embodiment of a tired and harried working mother who can’t keep track of her own schedule. But here we are! Stereotypes are generally pretty ugly. I’m… Continue reading Stereotypes in Leadership

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Leading Lady

What a week it's been! I was privileged to be the recipient of the "Metromorphosis" Award at work for leading with patience, perseverance, and good humor in the midst of change. Suddenly I find myself being reminded almost daily that I'm the most senior member of the team and it is both gratifying and uncomfortable.… Continue reading Leading Lady


Women in Leadership

Yesterday I wrote about the Slut Walk movement and why it's important to woman across the globe.  If you didn't guess by reading that particular piece I'm a feminist.  I believe that every single person, regardless of their sex or gender identity, deserves equal rights, responsibilites, and opportunity.  And this particular morning I'm proud to… Continue reading Women in Leadership