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Our Better Angels

I recently started a new job, and while there are some growing pains I’m finding it to be a generally fabulous experience. My new role has allowed me to look at some recent events in a lens that I haven’t exercised for a while. I have been seeing so much in the news about the… Continue reading Our Better Angels

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Homeland is a Feminist Issue

If you have been reading for a while I’m about to confirm something you have probably noticed. If you’re new here, welcome! I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad you’re about to learn something new about me. Tackling current events is not something I normally do here, in a public space. It takes me so… Continue reading Homeland is a Feminist Issue

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The Mommy Tax

There is a podcast I've been aware of for some time, Stuff Mom Never Told You, that is fabulous but I've never been what you might call a religious listener. The amount of fabulous content created by the creators of the podcast was so immense that I felt overwhelmed and never really dove in. But,… Continue reading The Mommy Tax


The Essence of Femininity

I have crossed the horizon to find you I know your name I think it’s fair to say that “Moana” has supplanted “Frozen” as the film those of us with toddlers are watching ad nauseum. But I’m not nauseated, and I’m glad to see many of my counterparts in the trenches are also not sick… Continue reading The Essence of Femininity


Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: More subtlety is needed

Roughly a week ago I read an article on Jezebel titled "There Is No Such Things as a 'Pro-Life Feminist." I'm more than willing to admit that I had a slight beef with the title of the article and I had a rough time shaking that impression as I read the article. Truly, I wanted to… Continue reading Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: More subtlety is needed

Random musings

Canning and Feminism

Man, it has been a while since I've written anything "for fun." I recently turned in my last ever undergraduate paper for my Gender Studies degree and I am acclimating to being done with school. It's a weird sensation and I could probably talk about it for quite some time. However, today I have something specific that… Continue reading Canning and Feminism