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I am privileged to be able to participate in this week's Flash Fiction Challenge on The Carrot Ranch. The prompt I am responding to is "Beacon". I hope you enjoy! “I know your name,” She was standing at the kitchen sink, feeling low as she sipped her coffee. She looked up to see Moana. As the tears… Continue reading Beacon

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Recipe for Love

For those of you who are married, I bet you’ve heard the advice “Don’t go to sleep angry” a million times. I am going on the record as saying that I think this particular piece of advice is really stupid. Based on my own experience, Nateanite and I are more likely to fight when we… Continue reading Recipe for Love

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Every week, Charli over at the Carrot Ranch creates a prompt for 99-word flash fiction. This is my contribution for the week of June 6. I hope you'll hop over on Tuesday, June 7 for this week's compilation about contentment. She was sitting on the deck listening to her children play while holding a steaming cup of… Continue reading Contentment


Thoughts are falling all around

Ever since I woke up this morning I've had a burning desire to blog. But what to blog about? I decided to think about it today and write this evening before I start a comic (somehow I also need to figure out how to draw a little girl bouncing up and down on the abdomen… Continue reading Thoughts are falling all around

Random musings

I am not yet dead . . .

As always happens when it's been a while since I've blogged I feel the need to share this song. That's right folks . . . "I feel happy, I feel happy!" In the last month since I shared how difficult it was for me to stay home I have since acquired three (or in some… Continue reading I am not yet dead . . .

Random musings

It just means he likes you

A scenario that has played out several time over the course of my life has been on a loop in my head over the last several days.  It goes a little something like this. 7-year-old Rachel: "Mom, (insert boy name here) was really mean to me at school today." Mom: "Don't worry, it just means… Continue reading It just means he likes you