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Scattered Self-Care

I have to admit, I’ve really struggled to pull any kind of a thought together for my post this week. There have been some exciting times in the Hanson household. Electric is consistently using the potty and Adorable is continuing to improve her language skills. I think she’s on the cusp of walking, as her… Continue reading Scattered Self-Care

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The Mommy Tax

There is a podcast I've been aware of for some time, Stuff Mom Never Told You, that is fabulous but I've never been what you might call a religious listener. The amount of fabulous content created by the creators of the podcast was so immense that I felt overwhelmed and never really dove in. But,… Continue reading The Mommy Tax

Random musings

Woman Identified Woman

Several months ago I read The Woman Identified Woman by the Radicalesbians.  You can find the complete text here.  It was written in 1970 by this group Radicalesbians.  We don't know who specifically wrote it.  A huge part of this is because it was a group effort.  Another part was because many members of the group… Continue reading Woman Identified Woman

Random musings

Looking ahead

Isn't it funny how one comment can completely distract you from what you ought to be doing? About ten minutes ago I was wrapping up my "Twittering" after beginning a brief discussion with a fellow self-published author.  His tweet was "I'd rather people be reading my novels 100 years from now than to get rich off them… Continue reading Looking ahead