Generational Parenting

Despite my annoyance with the generation wars, I also have this weird love for them. Maybe it's because I'm a millennial and I get a kick out of constantly defending myself. But nowhere do I find this battle between generations to be more compelling than when it comes to parenting. Specifically the claim that my… Continue reading Generational Parenting


Daycare Blues

“What’s the Stan Plan, Mama?” Elizabeth asks me nearly every weekday morning. Almost without exception my reply is “Let’s get you ready and you get to go play at Katie’s today!” “I don’t want to go to Katie’s. I want to stay home!” she cries as Nathan and I get our girls dressed and ready… Continue reading Daycare Blues


Having it All – A modern Curse & Blessing

I am absolutely thrilled to be hosting Amina Berg to talk about what "having it all" means to her as a parent, partner, and woman. You can find Amina on her website and on Instagram.   We tend to lose ourselves in the world of social media and perfection as we watch what others do and have,… Continue reading Having it All – A modern Curse & Blessing


Happiness Can Be a High Bar

Content warning: There is a brief description of gun violence and sexual entitlement in this post Shortly after Elizabeth was born I watched a TED Talk entitled “For parents, happiness is a very high bar.” At the time, I was coming out of a few really challenging weeks and needed something to assure me that… Continue reading Happiness Can Be a High Bar


You Have Rights! (you know, kind of)

When I sat down to write a piece about parental right in the workplace, I figured it would be at least relatively easy. Of course, the United States is one of the worst places in the industrialized world to be a working parent so I planned some extra time to research this topic. Imagine my… Continue reading You Have Rights! (you know, kind of)


Ms. Know It All

As the oldest of six, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from parenthood. I had observed my mom through five pregnancies, my project management skills were top notch, and by the time I got pregnant for the first time, I had already been chronically tired for the better part… Continue reading Ms. Know It All


Guilt Has No Home Here

I used to struggle a lot with guilt associated with being a working parent. But I recently started a job that I absolutely love, and the struggle has gotten considerably smaller. Obviously, the only solution to ditching that guilt is to find a job you love. Easy-peasy, right? End of blog post. Just kidding! Well,… Continue reading Guilt Has No Home Here


A Month of Parenting

I have to admit, it strikes me as a little bit odd that although parenting is a huge part of my identity it’s taken until we’re mid-way through the year to actually have it as a theme. But as I’m in hardcore “nesting” mode I am glad to be able to surrender to my brain… Continue reading A Month of Parenting