Instant Gratification

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to hone my teaching skills for most of my life. My family observed Family Home Evening for much of my life and we all had rotating assignments for this weekly(ish) family time.

The most coveted sports for us kids were treats & game, but as an adult I appreciate the skills learned in preparing the person most of all.

There is one lesson that stands out to me as one if my best attempts to teach a concept. I was attempting to teach how lasting gratitude makes is happier than instant gratification. I purchased chocolate covered raisins and asked my siblings of they wanted the candy now or later.

Unsurprisingly, they wanted it now. So they got it now.

I then proceeded to talk about the importance of expressing gratitude and the difference between cultivating an attitude of gratitude and giving in to instant gratification.

I will admit that as a 12-year-old I was not that articulate, but that is what the lesson boiled down to.

When I was done, the gratification from the candy was also gone. The point was made and we moved on to the game.

If I were to teach about this concept today, I would also talk about how cultivating this attitude improves the overall qualityof your life.

What are some areas of your life that have been improved as a result of expressing gratitude?

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