Unexpected Challenges

I asked Elizabeth what I should write about for this one. “What are some things we should be ready for?” I asked.

She enthusiastically replied that we should always be ready for the zoo. She’s certainly not wrong, who doesn’t love going to the zoo?

Several days before posing this query to my oldest child, we had been at the Minnesota Zoo. We’re members and enjoy going often, but Elizabeth’s desires are often overridden and I wanted her to be able to enjoy the zoo her way before Michael was born. While we were there I slipped and fell, hurting my foot pretty badly. Elizabeth was gracious enough to not lose her mind when we had to cut our visit early because I could scarcely walk. This experience left me thinking how we prepare for unexpected situations.

For this particular challenge, there is a significant financial component.

First, we are members of the zoo and we pay $21 a month for that pleasure.

Second, we have health insurance so the subsequent visit to the doctors office wasn’t prohibitively expensive.

However, there were a couple things the helped through this challenge that didn’t involve money.

We brought in a stroller, so I had a little support when walking out.

I made myself avoid my comically huge belly when falling, so I wasn’t also dealing with a slew of questions and evaluations.

In short, I was prepared for this unexpected challenge because I was prepared financially, had support, and positioned myself to avoid making it worse.

What are some situations you’ve been in that you were pleasantly surprised to be present for?

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