Be Prepared

The level of serendipity present throughout this year as I prepare to introduce, and write about, my chosen monthly themes continues to amaze me. I chose to talk about being prepared this month, thinking it would be timely to discuss preparation as school was beginning again for the year, prior to winter beginning, and prior to the holiday season that requires a significant amount of mental, physical, and financial preparation. I had no idea that I would be spending the month leading up to September also preparing for a new baby to join our family or how much time I’d be spending mentally preparing for things that may or may not happen.

Having been raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being prepared is a theme that has run throughout my life. “Be Prepared” is a Scouting motto, the Church counsels its’ members to be prepared for hardships by having a year supply of food on hand, and there is often talk of being prepared for the second coming of Christ.

I am really excited to spend time this month writing and thinking about what it means to “be prepared” and how we can prepare in different areas of our lives.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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