Humility is Learning

Over the last few years whenever I’ve been asked about a time when I had to think on my feet I often come up with examples from my life as a parent. Unfortunately, these are usually in professional settings and it’s not generally acceptable to pull out a parenting story to demonstrate your professional prowess. I say “unfortunately” because the ability to think on our feet and solve a wide variety of problems really quickly is a valuable skill. Do you want someone who is going to quickly realize that the best solution when your child shaves her lips is to give your child a freezy pop? Or do you want to hire someone who is going to panic to the point of danger before implementing a solution? If you want the former, talk to my mom.

As my family has grown, one concept has remained constant. As you embark on this crazy journey of parenthood, humility is a key personality trait and is (thankfully) one that you can develop. I think that recognizing from Day One that you don’t have, and can’t have, all the answers help you to be a better parent and to learn how to parent your child. Some children are going to want, or need, to co-sleep as babies (like Elizabeth) while others are going to want their own beds from the get-go (like Ada).  Humility also allows you to take suggestions for improvement in the spirit in which they’re given. I will be the absolute first to admit that this is something I’m still working on at home. Nobody likes to be wrong.

What are some traits you find to be helpful when you’re learning something new? What are some things you’ve learned as a parent that make you a better person?

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