“I’m following my treasure map!” Elizabeth declared.

I could hear her putting goodies into her (now empty) crayon tin. She brought the tin over to me so that I could marvel over her treasures.

One of the treasures was a sizeable rock. As she lifted it out of the treasure chest she dropped it on the floor where it landed right by her little foot.

This rock was big enough to seriously hurt, so I picked up the rock and attempted to explain that having this rock in the house was pretty dangerous so I was going to bring it outside.

Elizabeth_Christmas Cancelled


‘NO!!!” She shrieked. I held my ground, the house is no place for a rock of that size in the hands of my rambunctious children.


“That’s too bad,” I replied.

I waited for Elizabeth to calm down enough to climb in my lap and allow me to soothe her.



Parenting is a tricky business. We want to protect our kiddos, keep them safe from getting hurt in any serious way. We also understand how important it is for them to engage in play that is sometimes dangerous. We also want our kids to like us, or at least Gen X and Millennial parents do. So it especially hurts when our kids say “I HATE YOU!’ when you’re just trying to keep them safe.

What are some boundaries you’ve implemented with your kids? How did you do it, and what boundaries do you find to be helpful?

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