Talking about Masculinity

Last November, I would not have guessed that masculinity would be figuring so much in my thoughts this year. But with terrifying examples of the results of toxic masculinity dominating our news cycle and the exciting knowledge that Nathan and I are going to be welcoming a little boy into our family in (hopefully) 14 weeks have really put how we teach masculinity at the forefront of my mind.

I am excited to be talking about masculinity in our popular culture, what it looks like for men to serve in their communities, and what fatherhood looks like in this age of “third wave feminism.” I’ll be welcoming Justin Grays toward the end of the month, a fact that I am thrilled beyond belief for. Justin and I were in college together and I can speak from experience, his writing and ability to explain things are both unparalleled.

Although we will be tackling some heavy things this month, I am really looking forward to fleshing out how we view masculinity in our culture.

Photo by Benny Jackson on Unsplash

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