Master of Time

While we’re talking about Little Women, I have to talk about Meg. Of all the sisters in the March family, Meg is the one I understood the most – and therefore liked the most. Growing up in a poor family has its blessings, but it also has its challenges.

Since becoming a mother, I have found myself thinking of Meg more and more. Her desire to create a beautiful and happy home – and sometimes backfiring – is so relatable to me. What is more relatable is her dedication to her children at the expense of her marriage, particularly in the early days. It is from Meg that I’ve learned that mothers, regardless of whether they work within or outside of their homes, need to be masters at time & resource management. If we throw all of our eggs into one basket, we will burn out and we’ll burn out fast. Taking time with the children, your spouse, and yourself are all important parts of being whole as a person. And Meg teaches us that principle through the way she lives her life.


Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash


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