The Women Who Shape Us

I had a feeling that I would want to engage in some lighter mental work after the Spring 2018 semester was over, and boy was I right! I have never been a pregnant student before, and so help me all the incredible power that is in the universe, I never will be again. Being a student and a new parent is a walk in the park compared to actually growing the baby and being a student.

With an introduction like that, you may well be wondering what the theme for this month is. As a person who loves to read and would often read at the expense of pretty much everything else as a child, I thought taking a month to talk about some of the influential fictional characters that had an influence on my life. I have been looking forward to May all year!

Some of the women and girls I’ll be introducing you to include Samantha Parkington, Meg March, and Ramona Flowers. All of these are people who have taken up very real space in my world and have shaped who I am as a person.

Photo by Zhen Hu on Unsplash

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