Self-Care is Synergy

I am thrilled to be hosting Vina Chalice – Untamed Muse, Self-Love Advocate – here today! Vina’s focus on self-care, loving yourself, and just generally creating some amazing art is so inspiring to me.
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Self-care is making space to nurture and tune into that quiet you. Like a soulful whisper, you are gently called back to listening to the truth hidden inside your body. Our body holds the most primal honesty, so love your body here and now.
It’s more than booking a self-love date w/ the latest Groupon deal. It’s a daily practice to tune in to your body’s rhythm. Notice how it synergizes with your mind and emotions.
Like an inhale after years of exhales, self-care is breathing a tremendous amount of love and life back to you.
Many of us have lost the practice of coming back to ourselves daily. Simply, because we don’t feel at home with ourselves.
With all of our imperfections, how CAN we envision it as our sanctuary? Ewe. Gross. This is too cheesy and impossible. *Hides from the screen and begins to self-loathe.
Well, life is both beautiful and impossible.
So are you.
Like me, you may not believe that you are inherently worthy of love and care. Yet, think about this.
A drop of self-love is equivalent to an ocean for a thirsty heart. When you are rooted in yourself, you are sure of your place.
This is an invitation to be kind to yourself.
Open up to love and care within yourself, and experience absolute freedom and happiness that you can give to yourself, now.
Knowing that you can love and care for yourself, decide who you are, surprise yourself, celebrate yourself, and have the last word over you,  is irrefutably, undeniably, and honestly, powerful.
Just for a second, let go of the intricately organized chaos called SHAME and UNWORTHINESS, and completely own that in this rare and precious life, you are to be celebrated and loved.
Despite your messy imperfections, in the hearts of our truest nature, there a love undiminished. Freedom.
Before you type in another google search…” what is self-care”, I invite you to tune into the rhythm of your own breath and melt into the present.
Take your time. Find your own answers. This is new territory.
What comes to us in this life comes in response to how we are engaging with our minds and hearts. The practice is a loyalty and commitment to understanding, nourishing, reassuring, accepting, and loving oneself.
Be brave, open and in tune with yourself. Moving from fear and survival to fascination and creation.
What can you appreciate about yourself?
What are some small wins for yourself?
What are you grateful for in others?
What are your needs? How can you give them to yourself?
We all want answers, but I’m a believer in finding them within yourself.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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