In a Word: self-care

So, it was my birthday yesterday. That’s a big reason I decided to focus on self-care this month. I knew it’s something I need to work on and I figured there was no better time than during my birth month.

Just think, if I had been born “on time”, last month would have been self-care month! As a mother myself, I can now appreciate how long those 2 weeks must have seemed to my poor mom.

Being one year older and thinking about how different my 30th birthday looks when compared to birthdays of the past can certainly give me a little perspective. How have I managed to get by for so long with most people I know at least relatively convinced that I have some sanity left?

I know I’ve talked about this before, and I have no doubt I’ll talk about it again, but as far as I’m concerned being authentic. Embracing yourself, as you are at the moment in time, is the best self-care you can give yourself.

If you had to sum up your self-care strategy, what would it be?


Kelson_Fife Clan.jpg
Grandpa Fife, Mom, Dad, and me in 1990. 


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