Month of Self-Care

I chose the month of April to specifically address self-care, not realizing at the time how critically important it would be in my own life! My one remaining graduate class of the semester – I started out with two, but one was a half-semester course – is absolutely kicking my butt, this pregnancy has been much easier in some ways (I haven’t thrown up once!) and harder in others (getting older makes physical challenges more challenging, and Ada faces more and more challenges as she approaches two years old.

This month I’ll be talking about the importance of self-care as a vehicle to redefining “having it all”. We’ll talk about engaging in self-care at home, at work, and what self-care looks like outside of what Pinterest tells us it looks like (everyone, it’s not just facial and mani/pedis). I am also really excited because I won’t be talking about self-care alone, I have a few guests coming over to help me out.

Karen Ulik is a life-coach based in the Twin Cities.  She helps families design and achieve the lives of their dreams.

I’ll be celebrating my birthday by hosting Thomas Ives. His incredible message urges us all to share our stories to help inspire others to conquer their struggles.

Finally, Vina Chalice will talk to us about what self-care means to her as a full-time student.

I am thrilled to have you here for the conversation this month and I’m really looking forward to talking about what self-care means to you as you redefine what it means to “have it all.”


Photo Credit: Vina Chalice on Instagram


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