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I have been struggling to write this post. I want to because today is Elizabeth’s birthday and if you can’t use your child’s birthday to talk about womanhood when can you talk about it?

But when I really go to put pen to paper and say what it means to me, as a woman, to be a mother and to give life in a very real sense to another human being, I find that I cannot.

The power in my body to nourish two human beings through birth, and nourishing another one right now, is incredible. But it’s also, in a way, so ordinary (everyone here was grown in the same way!) that we forget just how powerful it is.

To see my little girls grow up, own their voices, and become independent human beings is amazing and extremely gratifying.

What I am going to say now is, maybe someday when I’m not so tired being the mama to littles, is that maybe I can write a comprehensive post. But for now, I’m just being a woman in my own way – generally relishing in the power of my body – and I am glad for you to be a woman in the way it means for you.



Rachel. Ada, and Elizabeth
My girls & I – May 28, 2018


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