Women’s History Month

I have been excited for this month for a long time! Not only do I love Women’s History Month (it’s definitely personal), this month also marks the point in the semester where I only have one class, and in just a few days it’s Elizabeth’s 4th birthday!

I have to admit, when I chose this theme I was pursuing a position with my current employer that would have put me right in the heart of what we were doing for Women’s History Month so some of the motivation for this was I thought the workload would be a little lighter. I was not successful, but that’s okay! I just started a new, but different from the one I was pursuing, position and it’s been great so far.

This month I’m really looking forward to reading Comics for Choice, an anthology compiled by Hazel Newlevant. Hazel is exceptionally good at comic anthologies and I am excited to steep myself in women’s stories (even if they are challenging to read at times)

One of my favorite podcasters launched her own podcast yesterday. It’s the BossedUp Podcast (you may remember me mentioning my love of BossedUp a few hundred times in the last few months). You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Play. The first episode is amazing!!

You can look forward to posts this month about parenting feminist children, historical attitudes (I do love context), and childbirth. If you want to see your experience truly reflected in these pages, I would love to host you! Feel free to email me at rachelhanson10@gmail.com and I will gladly work with you to make sure your experience of womanhood is reflected as you want it to be reflected.



Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash


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