I was initially going to talk about power dynamics in relationships today, but as I sit to write this post I am completely out of juice so instead I’m going to talk about what care looks like in a relationship.

As we come to the close of a weekend, I reflect on how grateful I am for my excellent spouse and the care he provides for our family. I came down with a stomach bug but still, I had homework to do – assignments due in two classes.  I have been struggling this semester and so both these assignments have been left to the absolute last minute.

Nathan, in his magnificence, took charge of our children while I hunkered down in bed, did my research, and completed my assignments with regular trips to the bathroom.

I know he also wasn’t feeling spectacular, but he stepped up and did what he could so that I could do what I could to at least attempt success in my classes.

That is what care looks like. It looks like doing what you can when your partner cannot.



Photo by Alex Bocharov on Unsplash


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