Is there value in authenticity?

When I think about authenticity in my marriage (it is my favorite relationship) I often think about negativity. I am authentically not a morning person and I am often a complete tool to my beloved.  I am authentically overwhelmed, which leads to poor decision making. So thinking about authenticity as a positive thing in the relationship that means the most to me can be a stretch. When I came across Larry James’ definition, I had an “aha” moment. He says “being authentic is being genuine. Being genuine is being true to the commitments you have made to each other.” I love that!

I think that also reflects my feelings on authenticity in all my other relationships. Clearly, I have some work to do.  In my post today I wanted to share a couple experiences from the last few weeks where authenticity has helped my professional relationships.

On of my wonderful BossedUp Bootcamp friends, Carla Kupe-Arion of The Impact Alliance, recently launched a site called Womanist Words. I was privileged to write one of the inaugural posts. Sadly, the launch of the site didn’t go 100% smoothly.  I so appreciated Carla’s honesty around the struggles as she kept her team in the loop. I already loved and respected her, but sharing in this experience solidified my feeling that working with her was the right call.

On the opposite side, I was also invited to write a piece for The Carrot Ranch about my journey to creating a Patreon page. Charli gave me a very reasonable deadline and I completely forgot to send my piece to her in time. I think that being honest and authentic helped me and I feel very lucky that Charli ran my piece anyway.

Ultimately, I think that being yourself (even in the ugly moments) helps to cultivate a better version of yourself. I’ve seen this play out in my own life, and I suspect you have too. I would love to hear your experiences in the comments!


Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash


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