It’s Relationship Time

It’s probably pretty cliché, talking about relationships in the month of February. But, in my opinion, there are times clichés are good and I think this is one of those times. I have to admit, I debated talking about relationships before spending a month talking about goals because of how important our relationships can be to achieving our goals. It really was a “chicken or egg” debate to me. Clearly, starting the year talking about goals won out. I really hope you enjoyed last month’s theme and found a few helpful nuggets in my ramblings.

I think, whether we realize it or not, all of us have something incredible to bring to the table when it comes to discussing relationships. After all, we’ve all been in at least one for our entire lives. We’ve been children, friends, colleagues, spouses, partners, students, teachers, and so many more. Many of us can identify what a bad relationship looks like and what a good one looks like.

We feel compelled to build relationships – which isn’t surprising since friendships can lengthen and improve the quality of our lives.  It has long been documented that marriage makes us happier in the long term, especially for men. I would contend that committed long-term partnerships have similar benefits. You don’t need the law, or an opposite-sex partner, to have the long-term benefits of having another human being experiencing the decidedly un-glamorous daily grind that is the reality of regular life.  Our relationships, or even our parents’ relationships, are touted as improving our career prospects. This is why so many white people have a leg up in life (we have institutional racism to thank for that one) – if I or my racially similar peers are struggling to find a job we have a lot more people to go to who “know someone.”

Relationships are multi-faceted and I am really excited to dive in this month, think about my own relationships, the relationships I see, and what you have to share about the relationships in your life.


Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash


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