Rebellious Existence

One of my personal goals this year is to read more. Prior to starting my University degree, I used to read for fun all the time. I am looking forward to June of this year when I will be introducing you to the women and girls who have shaped my world through their stories.  I can scarcely remember the last time I read something solely for my own enjoyment and I am thrilled to be changing that.

But, as is generally good to do when setting a goal, some introspection is necessary. I am fortunate, as a white woman who has lived in communities that value education, to be able to read. Many women across the globe do not have this ability or gained the ability late in their lives.

It is through this introspection that I came to Laura Boushnak whose film series “I Read I Write” highlights women in Arab countries seeking access to education. In 2014 she talked about the power literacy has for women in Arab countries, the act of rebellion it can be to county money at the market or help your children with their homework.

I appreciated having the skills to engage in this introspection, as my own education has given me the skills to engage in empathy. I appreciate knowing that although I am reading for fun (along with the massive amount of reading I am doing to pursue an advanced degree) gives me the chance to join the ranks of women who are rebellious just for being themselves.



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