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We’ve talked about setting professional goals, relationship goals, and wellness goals. What other goals could you possibly want to set? At this point, you might even be thinking to yourself “Rachel, exactly how much time do you think I have in a day!?” And you’re right, time is a finite resource and I think it’s important to guard it pretty jealously.

But what about those goals you have that don’t fit neatly into a box? Those goals that you really want to do because they seem fun and maybe a little bit cool. There should be space in your life for that. Maybe not right now, but somewhere along the line, there needs to be a goal that is just for you and just because.

Shortly before writing this post, the Community Education catalog was delivered to our home. For the last seven years I’ve lived in this city I have enjoyed perusing this catalog. While time and means have prevented me from actually participating in any community education this thrice a year catalog reminds me that I can learn useful and fun skills outside the walls of academia. I’m on the school board in my community and I remember a comment in passing that perhaps we should reduce costs by eliminating this mailing. It wasn’t a serious discussion or even a discussion at all. Just a comment overheard outside the business we were doing. The reaction I had was unreasonably strong. I am attached to the magazine.

I share my attachment with this magazine because there is a skill I have wanted to learn for over 20 years now, and each winter the community education holds a class and then another in the spring to help participants build on their skills. I am talking about knitting. I know that knitting will not advance my career, and while it may not help my marriage it won’t harm it either, and I don’t believe that learning to knit will contribute to my growth in any tangible way. But there it is, a 20-year-old desire to knit.

This is my “other” goal. This frivolous skill that I want to add to my life. What are some goals you have that don’t fit neatly into a box?



Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash


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