New Year New Goals

And just like that, another year has come and gone.

2016 was a challenging year for me, and I know it was challenging for many of you as well. Poor health, pregnancy, job loss, and the results of the 2016 election have all taken a lot out of me.

But a lot of good things happened for me in 2016 as well. I became a more active member of the #linkyourlife community, started my term as a school board member and I have VRL to thank for giving me the confidence to run for public office, my sweet little A was born, and I was accepted into graduate school. I’m starting a Master of Arts in Public and Non-Profit Administration next week!

In addition, all the delightful little moments that come along when you have a toddler.  The little hugs, kisses, and time spent hiding from the dragon (okay, maybe that one is just me) are just great and renew my soul.

In the interest of accountability, more than anything, I do have some goals for the year that I would like to share.

  • Post here at least once a week, with at least one post being to build up the Illustrate Your Story portion of this site. Who knows what zany, but educational, stories are in store for you kids? While my “post day” this past year was Wednesday, I’m thinking that Friday is going to be “the day” for my original work.
  • With any luck, I’ll be guest writing with my friends at OTV Magazine. My first post, Where I Belong, was published a little earlier this year. In the “guest writing” column, I also plan to incorporate some re-blogging into my repertoire. I read so many amazing things and I want to share them with my readers too.otv
  •  In non-writing related goals, I am hopeful that I can follow in my amazing husband’s footsteps and get all A’s this semester in my graduate level work.studentgoals
  •  Finally, self-care absolutely has to be on the docket this year. My friend, Chey, has been an absolute inspiration to me in taking up yoga and working hard with her wife to get their finances in order (something we could all use some help with, I think). I definitely see some yoga, recumbent biking, and playing more actively with E & A in my future. There will definitely be active play when our family goes to Utah in April and on a 7-day Disney Cruise in December!

What are your goals for the New Year?


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