Comfort and Strength

In the Bible, Adam and Eve are described as naked and unaware of their nakedness. They are as little children, not understanding their “shame.”

I have been considering this recently, as I spend a significant amount of time with my own little children. While these aren’t the pictures that make it onto Facebook (usually) they are often pants-less at home. They’re so dang cute, we photograph them in their environment and there is no shame in their nakedness.

By extension, there is no shame in my (relative) nakedness.

Nakedness is comforting. When E got her two-month shots she cried and cried and cried. Nothing soothed her until we got skin-to-skin.

A is currently getting her first teeth – truly a terrible endeavor for all involved – and that skin-to-skin contact soothes her in a way that my milk or acetaminophen does not.

Nakedness is honest. If I am feeling too lazy to give both girls a bath (and it’s really just E that needs cleaning up anyway) she and I will just have a shower. It saves me time – I’m getting cleaned up too – and it teaches my little daughter what she’ll look like when she grows up.

I’m not saying we should be running around in a state of undress all the time. There is also power in covering yourself. What I am saying is that there is a place and a time for both.


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