#LinkyourLife is having a birthday!

Over the last several months, I’ve been participating in a weekly conversation on Twitter and Facebook called #LinkyourLife.

I’ll be honest, I do not remember how I got involved in this conversation. Say what you will, I am absolutely claiming pregnancy brain in this situation.  What I do know is how incredible this group of writers was, and continues to be, from the get-go.

I got off to a slow start – struggling to write and engage on Twitter every week when I am dealing with an overflowing plate.  I am sorry to say that there is almost nothing on my plate right now that deals with self-care.

Ultimately, #LikeyourLife is a weekly exercise in self-care for me.  It’s realizing that I am not alone in experiencing trauma, exercising self-care in times of trauma, and being excited with others as new members join their family.

If you need some help being uplifted, you need to check out this conversation. It’s not just for writers, it really is for anyone who needs a little boost.

Self-Care Quote

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9 thoughts on “#LinkyourLife is having a birthday!

  1. I love #linkyourlife 🙂 Glad you are celebrating their birthday – may they flourish and prosper. Shawna and Shareen are amazing!

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