Mother’s Day Love

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose

Will I ever see thee wed?

I will marry at thy will, sire

At thy will.

American, America

How can we show you how we feel?

You have given us your riches

We love you so.

Love, love, love, love

In the Gospel there is love

Love thy neighbor as thy brother

Love, love love.


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, love is definitely on my mind. Some of it is forced, as I peruse through my Facebook news feed and see memes about how the love of a mother is the only true love.

But ultimately, I have been thinking about love a lot because I am a human being who loves other human beings (and my cat).

Merigold - preparing me to embarrass my children since day 1
Merigold – preparing me to embarrass my children since day 1


I’ve always thought the way we talk about love is pretty ridiculous. As a society, we hold up romantic love as the pinnacle of “love achievement.”

Valentine’s Day is a billion dollar industry and we invest a lot of our time in celebrating this epitome of romantic love.


But there is more to love than just romantic love! I have always said (and I realize the privilege of being able to say this) that I have been “in love” for my entire life.  I have always loved my parents – even when I didn’t show it. I have always loved my siblings – even when I would swing down from the top bunk and kick my sister in the face and then pretend to be asleep when my dad would come to discipline me. For as long as I can remember I have loved our planet and I have tried to take care of it as you might expect from a woman whose father wrote this book ?

With all of that, why do we not celebrate love every day!?

It is true, the love I have for my mother and the love I have as a mother are completely unique.

I truly think that my mother is a remarkable woman. Despite the challenges we had when I was growing up, I have never doubted that my mom would do anything for me.

Indeed, I feel that way about my own daughter. E may infuriate me, hit me in the face (if you have any advice on getting through this phase, please share in the comments!), and give me heart attacks daily because of her daring nature; but let me tell you, I would do anything for my little girl. The love I already feel for A is the same. Although I am sick and tired of being pregnant, I want what is best for her and would do anything to make sure she lives a fulfilled life.


What about you? What is your favorite kind of love?

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8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Love

  1. Yes! The English language is so limited, in Greek they had separate words for all of the different kinds of love! And as to the hitting, violence towards mommy or daddy is one of the more serious offenses. If it is unintentional, a stern reproach about being more careful (eye to eye level, low and calm voice). If it is intentional, a time out (the amount of time in minutes corresponds with age) followed by apology to mama for hitting. I know, this is not exactly ground breaking advice, but it’s all I got. Good luck! They all do it, they’re just testing their boundaries with you. In my experience, once they realize you won’t permit it, they stop. Consistency is key! Yikes, I’m going to sign off before I spout any more irritating trite slogans.

    1. Clearly I just need to learn Greek in my spare time, haha.

      And thank you for the hitting advice! I have to admit, my knee-jerk reaction is to hit back & that is clearly not a good solution (or indeed, a reaction I’ve ever followed through on).

  2. Those statistics are very interesting. If I were dating online, grammar and punctuation would definitely determine if I’d give the guy a chance or not. A mother’s love comes to mind now that I’m a mom I understand the strong bond a mother and child can have. Great post! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I’d love it if you would accept, but it’s non-compulsory. Check out my link for more information Have a great week!

    1. You are awesome, thank you! I will definitely be following through on this this week :).

      And I also think the grammar & punctuation thing is really interesting. If I was dating online, it would definitely have a huge bearing on if I’d give that person a chance. Really, in addition to wanting someone who is an intellectual equal (and I’m glad that N is!) I want someone who isn’t so lazy that he can’t be bothered to do a spell check before sending a message.

      1. Same with Mr, he was a copywriter so I doubt he would make lots of errors. If they are so lazy in their profile, who knows if they’ll even bother when they are in a relationship with you. I wouldn’t know where to begin with online dating though. I don’t think I’d know how to start dating again. Haha!

        1. Oh man, no kidding! I always think that if N died (because, you know, this is how my brain works) I would hands down refuse to date again. I just don’t want to deal with it.

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