Changing Identities

A change in identity can always be challenging. And there’s no doubt that parenting always comes with an identity change.


But when that change comes with your child’s birthday, there is an added layer of emotion that I certainly haven’t experienced so far in my parenting journey.

In conjunction with Elizabeth turning two years old, I have lost the title of “Mama.” “Mom” is all I get now. And that’s fine with me, but it does feel like a tiny piece of childhood has just been lost. Where did my baby who took three days to be born go?

Her favorite thing to do is go “Mom, Mom, Mom!”

My reply is often “What is it, baby?”

“Mom, Mom, Mom!”

We could have this conversation all day!




All-in-all, my girl had a wonderful birthday (I hope!). She displayed the independence and resourcefulness we’ve come to expect from her.

Indeed, once she decided that opening gifts with her fingers was much too slow she ripped them open with her teeth!

Her favorite gift was the Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Pirate Ship, which makes (amongst other noises) a dinging noise that she immediately proclaimed made this toy a train – and not a ship.

Although I have already been shot a few times with the cannon I would definitely say this toy was a good buy.

Full Disclosure: I have recently decided to sign up for Amazon Affiliates – which will give me a hand in earning a little money from the writing that I do. I will not include an affiliate link in every post, but I am today because this ship is seriously cool and (huge bonus for any parent out there) despite the fact that it makes noise it does not make you want to rip your hair out!


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2 thoughts on “Changing Identities

  1. Aw, bless her heart… adorable little tot.
    My kids (I have five) where all much later in dropping Mummy in preference of Mum. Actually (although learning delay probably plays a part in her case) my youngest daughter is 10 and still calls me Mummy. I’ll be sad when I’m downgraded (or upgraded as the case may be) to Mum.

    Opening presents with her teeth… resourceful and cute 😉

    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

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