We can only be what we can see

I’ve got to be honest, New Years Resolutions are not really my thing. I spend most of my time trying to be healthy, accept my body where it’s at, learn new things as I go along, and generally try to live like a role-model.

That probably sounds really sanctimonious, and if setting resolutions at the beginning of each year works for you I think that’s great! But I try to live like a role-model because that’s exactly what I am to my daughter, Elizabeth.

Despite all the literature out there about how children and families benefit from having a working mom there isn’t exactly a road map for how to “have it all” successfully. At least, that’s sure what it seems like to me and you can’t be what you can’t see.

Indeed, a doctoral project I was recently privileged to participate in found that “many women. . . critiqued the concept [of having it all] as a myth and a lie that is hurtful to women.”

So can we have it all? I don’t know – all I know is that I’m doing my best and so are a lot of other men and women out there. And like a lot of men and women out there, I sometimes feel like my best is pretty terrible.

But there are moments. These tiny little glimpses that show me the kind of employee, wife, and mother that I could be. It’s after these moments have happened that I realize what I did to contribute and how I can do it again.

That’s really what this year is going to be dedicated to. What I’ve done, and what I hope you find to be helpful, to recreate these moments that ultimately help us live up to our full potential.

On the docket for January 27th is taking care of yourself, your marriage, and maybe just a little Star Wars fun.


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