You’ve got to change, change, change the plan

I’ve spend the last six month thinking long and hard about what my goals are for myself in 2016.

To be honest, quite a few things have happened in the last few months.

I decided to throw my hat into the ring for the November 2015 election and I was successful in being elected to a seat on the school board!

I was successful despite doing almost no campaigning owing to the fact that N and I found out we are expecting our second child and I felt that doing no campaigning would be preferable to the slogan “Vote for Rachel Hanson: She Might not Throw Up on You.” And that’s pretty much what was going to happen if I tried to do anything.

Our family went on a delightful Disney Cruise about a month ago – I was definitely grateful for Zofran during that time!

First Day at Sea
We had a really fun time!

You may have also noticed from the picture above that little E is becoming a lot less little! Some of her favorite activities include “dancin'” (we have, of course, introduced The Beegees to help this along), playing with balls, trying to pants mom, and doing pretty much anything that involved Curious George.


Her favorite food is pizza (she is her father’s daughter!) and she has recently developed a mean impression of Cookie Monster. Just today she figured out the best way to eat an Oreo (eating the stuff in the middle and the handing the slobber covered cookie portion to your mom).

With all of this, writing has definitely taken a back seat and I think it’s time to get back into the game.

My goal for 2016 is to write a short story every week, probably all around one theme or character, and two blog posts a month.

I think it’s super important to be aware of your limits and I think this goal is 100% manageable for my pregnant, work-away-from-home, mother to a crazy toddler self right now.

Please join my on my journey this year to discover new things about myself, and maybe set some goals of your own!

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