Introverted Mamas

There are plenty of articles out there about being introverted and parenting an extrovert.

I’ve had my fill of material on how exhausting it is to be needed, in a very physical & emotional way, by the small people in your life.

What I don’t see much of is just how isolating it is to be an introverted parent.

Let’s just start at the beginning with Dr. Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted.

Phew, what a ride!

I think being a parent, maybe even particularly a mama, and an introvert is so challenging because we still need people! Everything you read when you were pregnant with your first and still had time for reading was right.

*okay, maybe not all of it*

But all of it about how important it is to make friends who are also parents is right!

The problem here is, it’s hard to make friends at the best of times. It’s a tiring endeavor that leads you to sleep for 8-10 hours.

When you have a baby, you do not have that kind of time and energy. All your time an energy is tied up in this little person that needs SO MUCH from you.


Like how many headbands you can wear at once
Like finding out how many headbands you can wear at once

After all that, how can you possibly muster up even one more iota of energy to go to a new mom group? Or to finally introduce yourself to the neighbors?

If you are an extrovert, please take some time to notice the introverts in your life and reach out to them!

We want to be your friends. We love your energy! We enjoy your companionship and ability to commiserate with us when that headband goes from being a headband to a failed attempt at Lt.  Comander Geordi La Forge’s VISOR (ouch!).

And most importantly, we have some pretty incredible things to offer to.

We can provide that calming influence that is so important after you’ve just had poop kicked in your face. We can provide quiet affirmation that it’s okay that you decided to formula feed when you went back to work because pumping is just to damn isolating. And most importantly, when it’s time for our visit to be over because it’s nap time we will absolutely not begrudge you for leaving. After all, we’ve both had our fill.

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One thought on “Introverted Mamas

  1. It is difficult, isn’t it? It does help when people come to you, of course.

    But I’m up for hanging out! Plans just need to be made. 😀

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