Food adventures in babydom

I know, I know . . . I’m new to this whole mom thing. But being the oldest of six kids, as well as a reasonably intelligent woman, I thought I would have a pretty decent handle on being a parent.

I was beginning to feel especially confident in my parenting abilities as I got to know Elizabeth a little better. She really likes a routine – the more predictable her day the better it is.

That’s why last Monday came as such a shock to me. My sweet Nathan has the opportunity to stay home with Elizabeth every other Monday and last Monday was his day. The day started out much like any other day: I woke up at 5:30, had a shower and generally got myself ready for the day. I fed Elizabeth around 7:00 and then made my way to work. 

Around 10:00 am Nathan called me with a screaming baby in the background. “She won’t take a bottle!” Nathan lamented, clearly desperate. There is truly no way to explain the distress one feels when your child is extremely distressed. After a terse conversation they made their way to my work where I fed Elizabeth. 

The day proceeded and it became clear that Elizabeth was very firmly not taking a bottle.

As the week soldiered on we worked and worked, finally finding a bottle that she would take. We also introduced solid foods as a way for her to get the calories she needs.

Now, I know what some of you are probably thinking. “Why were you so panicked? Don’t you know a baby won’t starve herself?”

To this I will say, you are right. A child will not starve herself. However, Elizabeth is in a somewhat different situation from most infants. She is taking a medication called Propranonol to treat a hemagioma she has on her eyelid. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of this medication is quickly dropping blood sugar and hypoglycemia in infants causes seizures. Elizabeth must eat every 6 hours, no ifs’ ands’ or buts’ about it.

Finally, after a very challenging week we have worked out a solution that works well for us.

Elizabeth will nurse in the morning & evening. She takes bottles during regular work hours, even on the weekend. And she LOVES to have some banana before bed.

And after a terrible week I no longer feel like this mom.


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