180 Days Later: The last 6 months in comic

How is it possible since it’s been 6 months that I sat down here and put “pen to paper”? I’ve certainly been keeping busy, that’s for sure! I’ve recorded the highlights in the comic at the bottom, but here is a brief text recap to mark my re-entry into blogging.

March: Let’s just say that the 4 jobs I did in March, while they were all very rewarding, had me spread pretty thin.

April: This month marked my 25th birthday. I spent my birthday listening to a band my dad & brother are in play at a fundraiser for their local YMCA. It was great! I also ended one job (freelance copy editing) and started a new one.

May: This month marked a few milestones. I ended one job, so now I was down to three! Nathan & I also took a fabulous vacation to Disney World at the end of the month.

June: Our lives where changed forever with that little plus sign. As we speak (or write, if you prefer) I am wishing I had an extra hand to massage my lower back.

July: We moved to a new home to accommodate our growing family (and to get out of a slightly unpleasant and very unaffordable living situation). My parents and most of my siblings came down to help. Honestly, I don’t know what we would have done without them!

August: I started a new job, one where I’m making enough money to only work one job! I am still doing two, but one of them is temporary and is ending in December. And with our growing family the extra money saved is awesome. Also, my boss (who is also a good friend) generously worked with me so that I will have at least 9 weeks of paid maternity leave! Finally, I started taking French lessons with my grandfather via Skype. I absolutely love it and I’m also amazed that my 80-year-old grandpa is extremely proficient at using Skype.

So, with all these changes you can expect to see more fiction, forceful opinions about fair employment practices, and just generally more quality content.

Without further ado I hope you enjoy “180 Days Later“.

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2 thoughts on “180 Days Later: The last 6 months in comic

  1. Rachel, what fun to read these updates! It had been too long since we had felt your presence in the blogosphere, my friend (says the woman who hasn’t posted in over a month!). How lucky for you to be taking French lesson with your grandfather! I tried to teach my mother how to Skype (she’s 78) and after a week of repeating the same instructions, I gave up. Some people simply refuse to embrace technology! hee hee! 🙂

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