Six Sentence Sunday – Mom’s Reaction

Last week on Six Sentence Sunday there was something of a cliff-hanger.  How was Rebecca’s mom going to react to her horrible experience?

And don’t forget, you can get the whole story here, here, and here.

“Mom?” said Rebecca, her voice shaking with tears.

“You’re nothing but a dirty slut and I never want to see you in this house again,” said her mom before hanging up the phone. Rebecca was so heartbroken she didn’t even register t her dad’s drunken yelling in the background.

Rebecca burst into tears and told Amy that her mom had just kicked her out. Amy looked shocked, but quickly pulled her dark hair into a bun and said “Well, you were going to stay with me tonight anyway. We’ll come up with a plan in the morning.”

Are things going to get better for Rebecca?  Stay tuned and find out next week!

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3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Mom’s Reaction

  1. Rachel, I was not expecting this kind of reaction from Rebecca’s mom! Dear Lord, that is just heinous! Poor Rebecca! Thank goodness for Amy’s sense of compassion!

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