Comic Monday – Mass Effect

As many of you know, I’ve spend the last 6 weeks taking a course called “Writing the Graphic Novel.”  I have to say, I’m definitely hooked on comic writing!  It’s really quite fun :).

Because Monday is such a rough day for everyone (myself included) I thought it would be really fun to put up a comic on Monday mornings. It also gives me an excuse to keep writing comics (I’m a martyr to self-imposed deadlines, haha.)

So, to kick off this week I have a comic out there for all my Mass Effect fans.  For those of you who don’t know what Mass Effect is, feel free to read about it here.

Just a little background on the characters.  The blue lady with tentacled hair is an Asari named Liara.  She is also the Shadow  Broker in the last two games.  The Shadow Broker is the most powerful information broker in the galaxy and has an extensive network of agents to keep her informed.  The “ball” is a character named Glyph.  As the Shadow Brokers assistant he helps to gather information, offer suggestions and more.  He is basically a floating computer that has a funny. . . sense of humor.

So, for your viewing pleasure… Glyph’s Salvation.

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