Saturday afternoon

I’ve had a lot of thoughts jumbling around in my brain today without any rhyme or reason to them. Ideas for stories, employment, home decoration, pregnancy, advocacy, and more.  Seriously, it’s been slightly ridiculous.  Because of the random-ness I had already decided that I wasn’t going to write a post today (even though I seem to have been on a roll this week.)  However, after some gentle coaxing from my excellent husband I have decided I’m just going to talk briefly about it all (and augment it with entertaining pictures.)


I went to the dentist on Tuesday this week.  It was great fun.  Mostly because the dentist wasn’t there to tell me that my inability to procure braces makes me a terrible human. It was just a cleaning with the very nice hygienist.  The reason I tell you this is because I was beginning to develop a short story about the life of one of those suction tools.  They are kind of weird and I think that a day in the life of one of those things would be kind of funny.  Now that my academic career is almost over, my thoughts are starting to turn back to Paisley Tines and her 9th grade year.  What is going to happen?  I have no idea, but I’m excited to find out and start featuring her on Six Sentence Sunday! 



Employment has been on my mind the last week or so because I was recently offered a full time job after nearly 9 months of searching.  I took the offer and I am so excited to start! I’ll be working as an office manager, working with student advocates, and more.  It’s an awesome opportunity!

Pinterest is working it’s “magic” on me and I am becoming increasingly interested in home decor.  Now that I have a fabulous new job having a house to decorate is actually a more realistic possibility. It’s been a good time. In fact, here is my “for the home” board.

Pregnancy has been on my mind for two reasons.  And no, none of them are because I’m actually pregnant. The first is because I am doing a research project this summer on the evolution of pain management during childbirth.  It’s been really interesting and quite fun.  Unfortunately, Facebook has taken this as a cue that I actually am pregnant and refuses to stop showing me pregnancy ads.  It’s not really helping the second reason it’s been on my mind.  Let’s just say “baby fever” is in the air, haha.

I had the opportunity to go to the DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor Party) Women’s Hall of Fame luncheon this afternoon. It was a really empowering experience!  Just imagine what we could accomplish if we could all get together and agree on what our better world was going to look like.  It would be amazing!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon

  1. Rachel, I love meaty posts like this one! Congratulations on your new job! I always find that articulating the thoughts in my head always helps give them shape and allows me to process them better. It appears you have a lot on your plate and I sense a great enthusiasm on your part regarding your home and a future pregnancy. Oh, how I remember this stage in my life! It’s was such a wonderful time and I’m sure it will be for you as well! You’re on a roll, sister! Good for you! 🙂

    (Keep adding to the story on my blog, lady. Your additions are wonderful!)

    1. Thanks Bella! This is definitely an exciting time (although, when is it not exciting!)?

      I am loving how the story is shaping up and I’ll be over a few more times to add my piece. 🙂

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