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Isn’t it funny how one comment can completely distract you from what you ought to be doing?

About ten minutes ago I was wrapping up my “Twittering” after beginning a brief discussion with a fellow self-published author.  His tweet was “I’d rather people be reading my novels 100 years from now than to get rich off them in my lifetime.”   I said that I felt the same way but that I hoped the issues I write about won’t be relevant in 100 years.   He asked what issues I wrote about and I said “My novella is about a young woman recovering from rape. I hope nobody ever has to deal with that.”

It’s his response to this statement that prompted me to drop my homework (which I was just getting started on) and write about what he said.  He said, “I’m sure rape will be around as long as men and women are around.”

Just let that sink in for a minute.

“I’m sure rape will be around as long as men and women are around.”

Now, I can definitely relate to Nellie Forbush in South Pacific when she sings her heart out, “I’m stuck, like a dope, on a thing called hope and I can’t get it out of my heart!”  However, I don’t think it’s my “cockeyed” optimism that makes me think that this statement is completely untrue.  I cannot believe that there will be such intense disrespect for others until the end of time.  I feel that we are getting better all the time.

Look at SlutWalk and all the change that is making. Look at the uproar against Rush Limbaugh for his inflammatory, disrespectful, and untrue statements about Sandra Fluke.  Everywhere there are changes being made that make our society a better place to be.

Finally, I believe that with attitudes like the one I’m talking about here, rape will be around forever. If you think it’s always going to be around why would you do anything to change it?

When 30% of the population are victims of rape and slightly over half of that number is women, odds are good that you know somebody who has been raped.

So, despite these attitudes, I am confident that rape will not be around forever.  People simply need to understand that it is not about sex, it is about power.  Rape is about view someone as less than human.  If we can accept each other as liberated and free-thinking individuals rape will stop.

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10 thoughts on “Looking ahead

  1. You’re response to my comment (“I’m sure rape will be around as long as men and women are around.”) makes it sound like I advocate rape. I think this is an unfair characterization.

    Do you think murder will be around in 100 years? Theft? Assault and Battery? Do you think parents will still abusing their children 100 years down the road?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, would it be fair for me to blog the conclusion that your “attitude” promotes these things? If you answer no to them, how do you explain the fact that these things have been in existence for all of our known history?

    Rape is a terrible crime, but it is real. Acknowledging the reality of it doesn’t equate to furthering the existence of it.

    I could say more but I won’t. I try to be civil to others even when they aren’t civil to me.

    1. Carl, I apologize that you read my post as uncivil because that certainly wasn’t the intent. Rather, your comment was fairly disturbing to me in the sense that you believe this crime will exist forever.

      And no, I do not think that any of the crimes listed will be around in 100 years. Call me naive, but there it is. Further, known history is not all history. I feel it’s safe to say that there are societies in the past where these issues were non-issues. And acknowledging the reality of a crime does not mean acknowledging that it will be around forever. Indeed, acknowledging that it will be around forever almost gives us a “free pass” to do nothing about it.

      Again, I am sorry you found this to be offensive but these are my thoughts in the issue.

  2. I too would love to believe that rape, assault, incest, molestation, theft, conspiracy, and all crimes against humanity would not be around 100 years from now. My question would be how do you intend to make these things go away? All of these things have been around since man came into existence. What is the solution?
    I think one of the solutions is to break the cycles. How do we do that? Put to death those people who rape or steal? Lifetime imprisonment? Counseling? Better parenting?

    Maybe its because I’m older that I sometimes lose hope, a hope that I did have in my youth. Hope that we could break these cycles and make these crimes nonexistent. As I get older, I’m not so sure its possible to make these horrific crimes just go away. I wish, no I pray for a simple solution. If anyone comes up with one, I’d support it 100%.

    Call me old or pessimistic, that’s okay. Maybe I’ve seen too much in my lifetime. I do hold on to the hope that people can and will change, but I doubt I’ll see these crimes fade away in my lifetime. Maybe it is possible in a generation or two or three or more. I hope it is.

    Carl is one hell of a nice guy-I know him personally. I understand both of your points of view. I think–and I could be wrong–that the part he might have taken offense to was the fact that you posted a link to his site. If someone didn’t know Carl they might be tempted to leave all sorts of nasty remarks at his page. I’m just sayin’….


    1. Thanks for your comment Suzanne. I don’t know that a legal solution is the best one. Rather simply teaching others to respect the right that everyone has to safety (this applies to all crimes.)

      I have interacted with Carl before and I know that he’s a decent human being. My intent to linking was simply to draw attention to the comment, not to put Carl under fire. Time to edit.

  3. I find myself teetering between the two viewpoints.

    On the one hand, I suspect there’ll always, sadly, be a few … erm … maladjusted individuals, a small percentage of whom will be rapists.

    On the other hand, the exposure of the nature of rape-culture, and better education, improvements in both official and social attitudes toward the victims, and so on can surely lower that 30% figure to a point where it would be at least extremely unusual for someone to be a rape-victim. Or any other kind of molestation, come to that.

    There’s room for a lot of improvement, before we really need to worry about whether such crimes can be completely eradicated. Whether they can be or not, we can certainly do better than the crime being so common and unremarkable that it barely rates a story on page 7 of the local news-rag.

    (FWIW, I didn’t think you were singling Carl out or accusing him; rather it seemed you were just using his words as a starting point for discussion.)

  4. Thanks for commenting, Daz :). Again, this may just be my own naivete, but I think that those “maladjusted” (great word choice, btw) individuals would be gone if we could make the cultural shift to genuine respect for others.

    But yes, there is still A LOT of work to be done. I simply think that we can do it in the next 100 years.

    1. Well, I think you may be a little naïve as regards wiping it out completely. I don’t see why, instead of 30%, we shouldn’t reasonably expect to be talking about fractions of 1% though. Mind you, just ’cause I think 0% might be naïve, doesn’t mean we can’t try to reach it—and I’d love you to be right and me to be wrong!

  5. Haha, agreed. They way I see it, better to have your goal to wipe these crimes out completely than to say “Oh, only 1%, that’s great!” and then stop working toward better.

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