Birthdays are a strange thing

Over the last week or so I have been thinking about birthdays.  More specifically, my birthday.  Yes indeed, folks, my birthday is tomorrow.  In one more year I will be a quarter of a century old. I certainly did not expect to be on a diet at this time in my life, haha.

Over the last three years or so I have thought back on all the panning I did during my teen years.  Here are just a few that come to mind that I would like to share.

1) I was going to be done with my B.A. by 21.  I am now 24 (or will be in four and a half hours) and I am just about wrapping up said degree.

2) I was going to wait to marry someone until I was 22, one year after I graduated from college.  Yes, I did get married at 22 (rapidly approaching 23).  However, I had two years left to finish college.

3) Perhaps most poignant at the moment, I was going to be a mother by the time I turned 24.  Poignant right now because I am definitely starting to feel the intense pangs of what can only be called “baby fever.”

4) I was going to have spent at least one year outside the U.S. by this point.

5) I was going to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese (as it is I can barely speak English.)

Yes indeed, birthdays are a strange thing. I’ve noticed over the last few years that birthdays draw out the negative, rather than the positive.  So let’s just throw out some positives.

1) I am almost done with my B.A.!  6 1/2 years and $20,000 later, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

2) I have a fantastic husband who loves me, despite my neurosis.  Seriously, I cannot imagine a more difficult person to be with.

3) I have a cat who regularly snoozes on my desk as I write.

4) I have written a book!

5) Perhaps most importantly for all of these things, 4 years ago I left a ” man” who was abusive, controlling, and just an all around bad guy.  To be honest, I feel pretty brave about that.


And so, all I have to say in conclusion is… Happy Birthday to me.  Hopefully the next 24 will be just as awesome as the first!

Warning: Subject gets more goofy with age

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7 thoughts on “Birthdays are a strange thing

  1. Rachel, happy belated birthday! I stopped by your blog yesterday but WordPress wasn’t letting me leave comments. Argh! I think you have acquired much wisdom and achieved many goals in your young life. Just think, there is so much for you to learn still! The world is your oyster, lady! Something tells me the next quarter of a century is going to be fantastic!

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