Do you ever get…

Do you ever get words stuck in your head?  Kind of like getting a song stuck in your head, only it’s just one word playing over and over again?

Well, that happens to me all the time.  When it comes right down to it it’s kind of weird.  They’re not words that remind me of characteristics I should have or things I need to do today.  No, they’re weird words like “kilt.”  That’s right folks, sometimes my brain just says the word “kilt” over and over again.  Like a broken record. 


I’m hoping that this phenomenon is just a sign that I have a large vocabulary and I’m trying to remember all the words rattling around in my brain.  If not, oh well, things have been going great so far.

In other news… Rebecca is almost ready to go!  I’ve been editing like crazy all morning and I’m hopeful that both my editor and I will agree that this story is ready for the masses!

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