What a strange weekend

I am chomping at the bit to start up Six Sentence Sunday again, but Rebecca is still going through the revamping process.  Over the last several months I’ve been working with Pat Sullivan and she is amazing!  Seriously, if you’re looking for a great editor I would highly recommend her.  She’s one of the most patient people I’ve ever met, which is certainly good when you’re working with someone that is as scatterbrained as me.

Over the course of the weekend I’ve had quite the emotional ride.  I’ve gone from excited to angry to hungry and back again.

First, on Friday I won my second ever treasurer election! I am now the treasurer for Senate District 52.  I’m just ignoring the fact that I was the only candidate, haha.  For your viewing pleasure I have included what I did after winning my first treasurer election in 2009.  I wasn’t quite  this excited this time.  I guess I should say… I wasn’t so excited that I then went out to sing “Don’t Stop Believin””  by Journey.  Instead I just went home and did some laundry.

I won't stop believing that I can win treasurer elections!


Following this the Senate District spit up into sub-caucuses. Nathan & I opted to go to the same-sex marriage sub-caucus.  Everything was going great until I was asked to be an alternate delegate to the state convention.  I was not interested in going to the state convention.  At least, not this time around.  There’s simply to much going to and we can’t really afford it.  I indicated as such and was barraged with several people (the leader of the caucus, well, leading) saying that I should go.  “Give into peer pressure,” they said.  So I just said yes thinking to myself “I’m just upset about this because I’m tired and hungry, ” (the banana I’d eaten for breakfast was a distant memory at this point.)  “That’s just what the leader of this caucus is like.  He’s really over the top in everything.”  I was just starting to calm down when I heard this person ask Nathan if he also wanted to be an alternate.  Nathan said no and I was expecting to hear something similar to what I had experienced only ten minutes earlier.  Instead he said “Oh drat,” and moved on.  I was angry!

This is what would have been happening if it was physically possible.

Poor Nathan had to deal with my wrath (which I was trying to keep to myself.  It’s not like it was his fault.)  I was keeping them majority of it to myself (although it may not have looked that way to the outside viewer) and I was starting to calm down.  It was time to order pizza!  I called to order the pizza, got dressed, and left to go pick it up.  I arrived only to realize that I had left my wallet at home.  Still trying to stay calm I drove home, got my wallet,  and as I was about to pay for the pizza a man who looked to be in his mid-50’s walked up to the counter.  It looked as though he was going to pay after me.  He looked over at me and said, “I’ll bet you could pick up our tab too.”  I just smiled and laughed a little as I said, “Well, I’m not made of money.”  The man replied (slightly angrily), “I can see you’re getting two pizzas, what’s another one? I even have a coupon.”  I was confused by his response and I said, “Well, it’s to much for me, sorry.”  His response was to say (very snarkily) “So much for Christian charity.”

I was beginning to wonder if I had a sign on my forehead (invisible to me) that said “I’m feeling particularly vulnerable today.  Please feel free to hassle me as much as you want.”  Luckily, after a couple slices of pizza I was feeling much better.  Stargazing with Nathan definitely helped my mood (even if we can only see like a dozen stars.)

What have been some of your more unusual experiences this past week?

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2 thoughts on “What a strange weekend

  1. Rachel, congratulations on winning the treasurer election! I’m waiting with bated breath for Six Sentence Sunday to be up and running again. I wonder what our girl Rebecca is up to! 🙂

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