That Girl is Cray?

This morning as I was getting ready for my day I had the radio on in the bathroom.  Our bathroom radio is always on 101.3 KDWB.  I’m not crazy about it but I’m also to lazy to change the station.  And once in a while they actually say funny things on the morning show.

This morning I became aware of a new segment on the show called “That Girl is Cray” (cray is short for crazy, I think it sounds kind of dumb.)  In this segment they share news stories in which a woman does something crazy and at the end of the news story everyone says “that girl is craaaay.”  Before I start in on my rant, I will say that the stuff they said women did seemed to be truly strange.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not this segment could be an equal opportunity segment.  Surely they could report on guys doing crazy things too?  Oh wait… they already do.  Except this segment is called “You can’t make this stuff up,” where they share news stories of men (okay, usually men) doing weird things.  And at the end everyone just laughs, rather than publicly shaming the person (trying to sound like black people at the same time).

I think it’s time for another break from the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show.

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