Well. . . today has been a pretty weird day.  It’s my first job free day for over four years.  As a result, I’ve had a lot on my mind.  And as a result of that, I haven’t been able to pull together anything even remotely coherent. However, I think I may have come up with something that isn’t going to have everyone (including me) running for the hills.

I have to admit, I have to credit my sweet husband with this blog entry.  I wasn’t going to write anything, but he was so encouraging that I felt like I had to write something.

So, you may ask, what did I do with my first job free day?  Well, I actually went to work with my sweet husband.  We had a master plan that went somewhat awry and he ended up with my job (through no fault of his own.)  And I didn’t have a chance to train him in on everything yesterday, so I came in for about 45 minutes to show him how to do a lot of things and to bring him up to speed on what was going on.  A lot of things have changed since we were both work-study students there.

Then I came home, had some breakfast, and started a movie (the movie turned out to be pretty stupid, so I didn’t continue it after breakfast.)  I then checked my e-mail and discovered that there was a problem with my student loans.  You see, technically I’m only registered for 4 credits currently.  You need at least 6 to qualify for loans.  However, I’m not registered for my capstone yet (there’s a special process for that) so I will (within the next week) be registered for 8 credits.  So I called the school to make sure that I wasn’t going to get dropped for non-payment.  20 very irritating minutes later it was confirmed that I would not be dropped for non-payment.

After the call to my college I was planning to do homework.  However, I was way to frustrated to focus on the homosexual habits of animals so I decided to sew instead.  I’ve had a project that’s been languishing in my sewing bin, just waiting for the finishing touches.  I’m happy to report that I was able to finish it!  I now have a black dress with pink ribbon around the waist hanging in my closet.  And with the weather we’ve been having I have a feeling I won’t be wearing it for a while.

Then I went back to my former work place to have lunch with my sweet husband.  It was really nice.

When I came back home I did some homework, did a workout (Dancing with the Stars: Latin Beat, it’s quite funny to watch someone as white as me try to do latin dancing in the living room), had a shower, cleaned up the kitchen, and went to go get my sweet husband from work (we’re down to one car at the moment.)

We then watched part of “Inglorious Bastards” and now I’m writing this!

I would like to point out that I do have a job offer on the table from a bank that is opening a branch in my town.  I’ll be starting next Wednesday.  However, I have a job interview tomorrow morning with a local school district as a tutor for a college-readiness program.  I’m more than willing to admit that I’d rather tutor than be in banking, so keep your fingers crossed!

I also have another interview on Tuesday for an organization that has camps for developmentally disabled children.  I’m really excited about it, so keep your fingers crossed for that one too :).

I’m afraid that it’s for now.  I hope you have an awesome weekend!


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