Independence Day for Scotland?

As a person fairly proud of my Scottish heritage, I take interest in what’s going on in what I consider to be one of my “home” countries (the other two are Denmark and the U.S.)  However, I have to admit that recently I’ve not been paying attention to Scotland as much as I should have.  It’s really simply because of time constraints.  I want to know what’s going on at home (the U.S.) before I pay attention to abroad.

That said, there is something going on in Scotland that I’m actually pretty excited about.  In 2014 (yeah, I’ll be excited for a while) Scotland will be voting on a referendum to leave the United Kingdom!  You can find the BBC article here.

I have to admit, I have very mixed feelings.  As someone also of English AND Welsh heritage I’m glad that they’ve been (semi) peacefully cohabitation for the last 300 years.  However, as a born and bred American I also love liberty and I think that people should have it if they want it.   That also means that the Scots (who have had a fairly long history of being persecuted by the Brits) should be their own country if they want.

Now, according to the BBC article (and the video clip attached to it) Scotland is tired of the special conditions that are being tied to specific pieces of legislation, such as this referendum for example.  First Minister Salmond talks about a “Westminster Power Grab.”  In essence, the central government in London is trying to determine if this referendum is legal.

Again, I have mixed feelings about this.  To be perfectly honest, the United States was not created totally legally.   Maybe the British have finally learned their lesson?

What do you think about Scottish Independence Day?

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5 thoughts on “Independence Day for Scotland?

  1. Wow.

    Well, according to my (poor) knowledge of Scotland and the UK as a whole, it makes perfect sense. I mean, a lot of governmental things in Scotland have been done separately from the rest of the UK anyway.

  2. I agree. Much as I’m not a huge fan of this analogy, I can’t think of a better one. Scotland is like the ugly step-child that nobody likes to have around but is really wealthy so nobody wants hir to leave either.

  3. My heritage includes both English and Scottish, as well. As a Canadian, I know how hard it has been for the English Canadians and the French Canadians to come to a place where they are both happy with their relationship, and it continues to be a struggle. That said, the majority of both language groups still want to maintain the confederation. I don’t know as much about Scotland and the United Kingdom. I hope they will continue a dialogue that results in whatever is mutually agreeable.

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